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Chántelle Adanna is a literary artist, self-published author, spoken word poet, and self-love/wellness enthusiast based in Maryland. Since the age of 10, writing has subconsciously and consciously been her undying passion.


Chántelle writes for women of color to feel their embedded emotions when they’re too busy carrying everyone else’s, which is what birthed her tagline “she carries”. Her work is for women at any age and in any stage in life as she covers a wide range of topics such as: self-care, heartbreak, depression, politics and self-hate etc.


From storytelling, to poem affirmations, to spoken word, Chántelle is known for being fearless and ruthless in her vulnerability, courageous in her ability to speak and fluid in her ability to authentically convey her feelings. She articulates from root to steam the value within self-love with the Afro-Latino culture always intertwined.


Her debut memoir: My Soul Told On Me is a personal piece and brings her a step closer to complete internal peace. 


a memoir by Chántelle Agbro

My Soul Told On Me is a memoir that gives you what you need—the safe space to be and the permission to feel, deeply. It serves as a vessel of unshaken truth and conversationally narrates the raw process in facing and fully accepting my flawed self. Through poems, mini-narratives, and prose, my soul

respectively colors the prominence in finding, owning, and staying true to self. This work—my work—shares the unrefined and authentic blueprint in uncovering and valuing myself, my love, and my soul. Here, I reclaim everything that fruitfully serves my being as a multidimensional whole.



to my writers, 

to my dreamers, 

to my thinkers, 

& to my  r e b e l s.


These journals are for you! 

As black women we are double

minorities and rebels in our mere

existence. It’s time we had space

and freedom to exude all we keep

pent in. 


Use what God gave you without 

feeling sorry for doing so.



What better way to restore yourself, your space, and your year then to be reminded each month of your purpose, worth, and value in more ways than one?


That's exactly what my 2021 calendars offer you!


BUT not just that, on top of  quotes from my new book, I've also personalized your yearly experience even more and added unique National holidays and Independence Days throughout the entire Diaspora!

Each order will include a personalized letter. Each month includes Black Is King inspired optics, quotes, and specific detials about the month to keep us all on the same page!!



Recently, I had a family outing at the movies with my mother and my sisters. It was very comforting, as it always is for me when I am sur...


Your scent, your touch, your smile and your gaze; replays in my mind like Christmas carols during the holidays. But you don't care... You...
  • Tue, Nov 05
    Solid State Books
    Nov 05, 2019, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM
    Solid State Books, 600F H St NE, Washington, DC 20002
    DC!!!!! I know you've been waiting for me to bring my book home, so here we are! Please do not miss this chance to ask me questions about the making of My Soul Told On Me, as well as hear some new pieces from my upcoming Spoken Word Album! I can't wait to share, see you there!
  • Sat, Jun 22
    Open Space
    Jun 22, 2019, 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM
    Open Space, 1014 N Marshall St, Philadelphia, PA 19123, USA


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