"The Woman With The Short Hair" Pt.2

7. They have gone through a life changing experience.

Life happens every day. Life happens so much so every day that it when life throws us lemons we make lemonade in the best way we know how, right?  For women especially when we go through and take all that society throws at us plus the personal issues we deal with, it takes that one life changing experience for us to cut all the dead weight off.

All the baggage, all the mess that we have been dealing with gets chopped off with those scissors at the salon, in your bathroom, on the street or wherever and whenever she decides to set herself free, finally! This life changing experience justifies beyond measure her desire for wanting to start new, start fresh, engulf on this next chapter in her life with her new look!

8. They are not to be messed with: Feisty

Now with this I’ve experienced two types of personalities with the woman with short hair. The first is probably the most expected: She fits the stereotype of fierce, overly confident, mean, and like a bitch but when she opens her mouth she is the sweetest thing and is the furthest from a threat.

Then there are the ones that really throw you off who look so sweet an innocent from first glance and then they turn around and are the most obnoxious, loud, and rude people that you have ever met. (I personally think these are the ones that give women with short hair a bad name) they are the reasons we get called the crude, shallow, and childish names like “baldy”, “man”, “fathead” and so on and so forth.

However, all of that is beside the point. The main thing to realize here is that nine times out of ten the girl with the short hair is not easy to read nor categorize at first glance. There will always be a surprise with her, whether it’s for the best or the worst or a little bit of both.

9. They can see through the shade.

As you have probably figured out by now from the previous truths of the woman with short hair she is unbreakable. She has seen and been through it all. The most amount of criticism that you could ever think of she has already faced. With all this said she is the most qualified person to spot bullshit from a mileeeeeeeeeee away. She never wants to go down the same path that she did before and has learned so much about herself and people that she has no shame in letting you know that.

10. They are colorful and often misunderstood.

Misunderstood is the most fitting word for the woman with the short hair. She lives up to that title and even prides herself in being a mystery because she has handled so much of life’s confusion. She walks with poise and strength knowing that whoever is meant to see her greatness will see it. She leaves a trail of her artistic glittery soul everywhere she goes.

The great thing about being misunderstood she is always exciting and crazy which draws a lot of people in because she’s a challenge! The uncertainty can be annoying at times even for her but it adds to the spice and her edge. She stays colorful which the people around her can either appreciate or hate.

11. It’s a lifestyle not just a phase.

Lifestyle: a way of living for an individual or a group of people.

As I’ve stated earlier, some people cut their hair just because it’s in for the moment. These people are usually with the hype of whatever is trending temporarily or they could just need a drastic change in life.

But those who made the decision for the “BIG CHOP”, whether it grew on them or they initially wanted it to be short for a while, it’s a l-i-f-e-s-t-y-l-e.

If you’re wondering the difference here it is: it’s not just what is “hot” for the now or the phase you go through in life so to speak but it is all about the statement that it portrays for women.

It’s about the long lasting imprint that it has made on your being based off of everything that she has endured. With already being a minority in society and getting criticism and discrimination from al ends, it’s almost as if it’s a safe haven, that serves to strengthen anyone who can relate.

It’s a lifestyle, you live and you breathe the life of the strong independent lady who cannot and will not be defined by society or anyone else for that matter. She will always be true to who she is because she went through hell to find herself and she knows the value of that. This puts her in a position to never want to jeopardize that realization.

She is a survivor and a conqueror.

Support her because whether you agree with her choice, who she is, or lifestyle or not she will continue thrive because she depends on no one but herself for pure happiness.

The woman with the short hair is rich in every way that doesn’t involve money, so make sure you don’t miss out on her; beauty and all that she is.

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