"The Woman With The Short Hair" Pt. 1

The need to speak on women who choose to define beauty by their own terms in cutting their hair, has come. This is a special piece that reflects my personal opinion and factual information on the weight that women carry regarding beauty.

The pressure to be pretty and ladylike all the time, to not come off as a bitch, is constantly drilled into the heads of millions of young girls all over the world.

Pretty hurts...enjoy!

They are brave.

The woman with the short hair is a soldier. Now, this is not to take anything away from woman with long or medium length hair but I am emphasizing that there is a special kind of confidence that comes from the woman with short hair. Most likely she has been faced with situations that require great sacrifice and she followed through with that sacrifice in the name of doing what was most beneficial to her sanity. The woman with the short hair is more likely to take the blinded risk to the outcome because stepping out on faith has become her biggest and most beneficial choice in life.

Welcome to her chronicles!

  1. They are bold.

The decision in itself to cut your hair is bold of the woman to do especially in the society we live in. It is battered in our heads that the woman with long flowy hair is and always will be more feminine and beautiful than the one with a haircut. This ignorant theory is one of reasons why the woman with the short hair chose this. With that being said they are bold in everything that they do and start to unleash their inner fearlessness. It’s not in every woman to actually go through with “The Big Chop” and that alone makes us unique and irreplaceable if there was ever even a question about that.

  1. They are not defined by the worlds definition of B E A U T I F U L.

Let’s do an experiment.

Take a photo, any photo off of the internet of a woman with short hair and then a woman with long hair.

Now, take those two pictures and show it to a child between the ages of 5 and let’s say 10. One age will know the real reason as to why they like one picture than the other and the other will more than likely just go with whatever they feel you want to hear.

After you get your answers toll up how many kids said that the woman with the short hair was pretty and the same for the woman with the long hair.

Nine times out of ten your result will prove the theory right that I have tested out myself, of the correlation between beauty and appearance. Beauty is so focused on appearance in the modern day and the standards of beauty are so narrow minded. They do not reflect the diversity that we truly are as a people, am I right?

In saying all of this, I am saying to you that the woman with the short hair takes numbers one and two being bold and brave and builds up her confidence in creating her definition of beauty to live by. One that makes her feel comfortable, accepted, and more than enough in every aspect.

  1. They either are or are coming into their own, truly finding themselves.

The thought of knowing exactly who you are and your worth can be a daring but worthwhile journey for any and every one. However, the reason that I correlate finding yourself and the woman with the short hair is because you usually do something drastic right before you soul search.

It is almost as if you revert back to your truest self before everything started to develop when you were a baby.  When are a baby you are considered the purest and cleanest form of yourself, correct? So with that being said, this is where you are the most vulnerable but when you revert back to that stage after already experiencing life, it gives you a better perspective on YOU.

Your understanding expands and you see people for who they really are around you because you find yourself and that discovery most times intimidates people because they are confused as to how you could carry yourself so high even when it seems (on the outside looking in) like the odds are all against you.

  1. Nine times out of ten this “BIG CHOP” was done by choice.

From personal experience I know that the decision for cutting your hair comes from two different extremes.

Either you wanted to or you had to.

The first time I cut my hair it technically was because I had to but I also wanted to!

How many agree with this reason?

The reasons for having to most likely involve dealing with some kind of damage done to the hair follicles and you have to start over for a healthy grain of hair to grow.

The next is the most frequent reason and many people choose to cut it because they give the answer “I’m just so tired of it.” Or “I really just want something new and fresh.” Or “I want to start over and I need to catch people off guard the next time they see me.”

All these and more are the woman with the short hair’s frequent reasons for cutting that hair!

  1. They love their cut and do not plan to grow it back out, EVER!

The woman with the short hair always tends to walk with a purpose.

She knows what she is capable of and the power and control she has over her life. With all of that if and when she decided to cut her hair that liberating and free feeling that she acquired in result of her cut becomes what she feeds off of. Some may say their hair is all they have and that they love it so much that they would never cut it off. Well, that’s good for them.  However, on the other hand the woman with short hair says she loves the fact that she has just enough of everything that she needs. She is promoting balance and serenity but devilish confidence simultaneously.

Stay tuned for part two!

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