The Underlying Truth ...

Heyyy Everyone!

I hope life is manageable for you these days, I know they're a little wild for me but I'm just taking it a day at a time as you should too!

With all the talk about these crazy candidates for this upcoming election and the continuous coverage of police brutality I know some of you are asking:

"Well, how can life be really ever truly manageable, right?"

Yea, trust and believe me I know. I can't believe my eyes either. I mean really? How do you go from President Barack Obama to the choices of Trump or Clinton ...

It literally makes no sense.

You want to know what else doesn't make sense? The reality that so many people on this earth are soooooooo ignorant. Plus, not only are they ok with not being factual but are also complacent with continuing to pass that ignorance, hate, and filth down to the point where it sickens me to look at some of the comments made and actions done by people who are stuck in that world.

Yesterday, was the day that this messed up country has the nerve to title a "holiday" and has for so long (amongst other holidays that were created off of ignorance) and I was happy to see that so many people were aware and what we say today "woke” on my timeline!

It was a beautiful thing.

I saw hashtags that read #HappyIndigeniousDay #HappyNativeAmericansDay and so on and so forth, paying tribute to the groups of people who were wiped out raped, murdered, tortured, and only GOD knows what else and OHH who were on the land when it was "supposedly found" by Columbus.


All these things give me a bittersweet feeling because it's like all though there are still so many hateful people in the world the only thing that really matters in the end and that will really ever change things is love because it is the only thing that actually exists.

"Love is the only actual real thing out there, everything else is an illusion."

-KeKe Palmer

The love is seeping through, don't get me wrong but it seems it is doing so much slower than the hate is seeping away...

Also, speaking of illusion, one that really, really, really grabs my attention (and hopefully yours now too) on a regular basis is the idea that black people are just black, that black people are not foreign, and that we are not exotic.


Black people, especially black women are the most exotic people on this earth.

Anyone who derives from the motherland (Africa) are by default exotic, foreign, nubian, queens, rich in flavor, and divine. I think people just use words they think mean "better", more "unique", "different" or "cool", without actually knowing what the hell they are actually saying and it is so irritating.

However, that's why I'm here of course, to set the record straight, because I honestly

don't. have. the. time.

So to clarify, just in case anyone was wondering, America is a land FULL of immigrants. If you're Caucasian you are just as much of an immigrant as an African (black) person is.

Please never make the MISTAKE of thinking that just because you brought us over here to this foreign land (against our will) after again wiping out the groups of people (who already owned and honored the land) with the intentions of nothing other than for us to be slaves, working for you hand and foot until the end of time that this land is any more yours than the people you scraped from it. It definitely doesn't make you any less of an "alien" or "immigrant" then a black person, sweetie.

If you've noticed I'm refraining from saying African American because up until this day I am still very confused as to what being "American" with brown or dark brown skin ACTUALLY means... not sugarcoating anything...

Do you know?

Because I would love to be aware if you could tell me anything that isn't already obvious about the disrespectful, and the consistent unjust treatment of my people .

(Sarcasm but not really, at the same time.)

Long story short, I just really need black people to know that you are ALL beautiful you were all Kings and Queens before the white man broke and tore us apart with no remorse.

and you still are.

You know the saying:

"Normal people just don't go around destroying other human beings."

Yup, well that applies here more than ever and you really need to understand it. It is a mental illness to be competitive against one another. Colorism is a mental illness.

To my fairer skinned black Kings and Queens: Don't let the weight of this society make you fall for the false perception that because a time ago when the white slave master decided to rape one or multiples of the in house slaves over and over because he craved her body over his wife's time and time again, (which in turn created the lighter pigment skin babies) that you shared any less the constant degrading, disrespect and harsh treatment than your darker skinned sisters, because it is a lie.

I can't stress enough the fact that people of color are the majority. People of color are of rich culture. Don't ever let a white person talk to you about their "culture" or make you feel like if you're pro-black then you're automatically anti-white because it's all bullshit.

Their "culture" honestly and truly consists nothing but tearing other people's cultures, families, and customs apart. Striping them of everything they own because they realized that in reality they were outnumbered and it scared them and it still does today.

Why do you think the majority of white people get so defensive and seem so threatened by the simple act of Africans (blacks) fighting to get equal treatment?

Think about it.

Another thing that I'm tired of doing and that I am about to stop doing is always mentioning the fact that "this isn't for all white people". I say this because if you are one of the very, very, VERY, few and rare genuinely kind hearted but aware white people who acknowledge the privilege and the inhumane aspects of their role in the past of the world, then you know I am speaking nothing but the truth and from a place of frustration and pain. And because you are mindful you naturally will NOT take offense.

BUT if you're bothered. If your skin boiled at every letter, word, and syllable of this post, then it's you.

You're the reason.

The reason for the hatred in this country and the racial tension, the expansion of ignorance, and the bloodshed from generation to generation.

It's you that is ignorant and it's you that even if you don't agree with what occurs daily, you let it happen every day and continue living in your silence, as if you would want to be treated less than human.

Lastly, it means that my message is not for you, it's not for you to understand and you are the contagious, infectious tumor of a problem that I will continue to speak about and fight against until change actually and finally comes.

Hard times have presented themselves but it's only because better days are on the way.

"Sorrow may endure for a night, but joy always comes in the morning."

-Psalm 30:5

This is my truth. What's yours?

Copyright © 2016

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