The Stretchhhhhh.

Today's blog post is very simple, and it's simple in that I don't necessarily have a story to tell nor an experience to share but only observations and a call to action.

I named this post "The Stretch" because keeping faith in the greater and positive things in life unfortunately sometimes feels like it's too much, or as if it's a stretch.

I found myself coming across a lot of sad and disturbing news the past two weeks. Even though I know that isn't what you want to here (neither do I), you will be happy to know that I also came across the solution as well!!!!!!

We have so many "problems" in this world, some categorized more harmful than others, yet the answer to fix them is still the same.

"When are we going to understand that we are put on earth, to love. That's all it's about. Everybody wants to figure out how complicated life is and break it down. This is what I truly think, war gonna keep going on, frustration gonna keep going on, anger gonna keep going on till we finally go back  down to the simplest word, LOVE."

-Kendrick Lamar

Yup, that's right people, it all comes down to the concept of Love.

I already know what you're thinking,

"Oh, well it's not that easy when you've been through "X Y and Z" over and over again."

"I can't just love when my son, brother, daughter, sister, mother, aunt, uncle, grandma, grandpa, or father was killed just because of the color of their skin."

This is something I definitely struggle with as well but think about it like this. If we do not love and continue to hate, and be mad, then the cycle never ends, correct? And if the cycle never ends then what will your children and your grandchildren have to look forward to?

Everyone always wants to just live in the now, and okay, fine that's great but now is the time to love like never before. Do you all not see what is happening around us? Don't take it lightly that there is so much hate around us.

We have to stop the cycle, and the best way to start is of course love yourself and then become educated and learn more about how people just hate because they are taught to and through this you will seek the significance of loving every person.

The stretch.

Is it a far stretch to believe that one day the color of someone's skin will not matter to the next person?

Is it a far stretch to dare to believe in myself, my dreams, my thoughts about changing the world when I'm still trying to get people to even read my blog post consistently?

Is it a far stretch?

From the presidential elections, to the constant killing of our own people by our own people because of the brainwashed society, to a 12 year old girl  in Texas attacked by white students on a field trip attempting to lynch her and nobody looked to help her, to the police officer getting off on all charges in the case of Freddie Gray, things are out of hand, are they not?

Those events right there, amongst the other terrible things that happen daily that are not publicized are what we have to look forward to if we don't find the love and start stretching it.

Stretch love because if you haven't found your "specific purpose" on earth up until this point in life just know that the single and most important purpose is to love. You have to love and you have to forgive. Be love and then everything around you will follow suit. Nowadays, many people think love is a luxury or it is something that needs to be earned, no, you're wrong you are obligated to love, just because it's our natural instinct to do so.

Trust and believe that it hurts you a lot more trying to resist love then maintaining hate and anger in you heart.

I'm preaching to myself right now because I'm the type to hold grudges. I will be honest, I am the type of person that if anyone hurts my family or me one time then I completely shut down and cut off all feelings and communication.

But I have to get my mind right, because if Jesus could forgive and still love all those people who deliberately persecuted, and harmed him then who am I not to love? Who am I not to forgive?

Now, I am promoting  the stretch of love and forgiveness because that is why we are put on this earth. But remember loving and forgiving doesn't mean that you let people back into the space where they have harmed you before, if it's not God's will to turn it into something immaculate. However, it does mean that you keep good blood between people, and you love from a distance. Protect your heart but truly love and truly forgive simultaneously.

I'm telling you all being here in South America has done me good. My headspace is clearer than it has ever been and I am so grateful. I needed this time, this distance, and this different energy to heal and to thrive in my own peace.

I am finally free!

"Walk into each day knowing that you have a reason to be; and your reason to be, by default, is to LOVE. Choose being vulnerable effortlessly because without it we'll never truly be free!"

- Chántelle Agbro

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. It's always relevant. 


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