Nothing really even matters. . .

The only thing that matters or that could ever matter in this backwards world that we live in is the energy that is not measured by anything we know of in this lifetime.


Yes, love is that one thing, that one thing that connects all who reach for it whole heartedly, shamelessly and strongly with clear minds.

It doesn’t ever and will never force you to compromise your morals or character as a person but rather enhance you in each and every way.

“Always, all ways.”

~Alex Elle

You’ll never have to second guess yourself nor your relationships with people, in love.

You will never feel less but equal in the truest and purest form of love, always.

It’s funny because we misunderstand the presence of love everyday in life but it’s always closer than we ever imagine.

The thing about love though is that it is only activated when one soul recognizes the other. This recognition is not always on an intimate level and when it is not always on a sexual level but it’s always on a real level.

There is nothing inauthentic about it, nothing.

Over the past few days I’ve just been questioning myself a lot about what I’ve experienced in my past relationships with people was actually love.

And in each instance I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve always had love for people (even if I didn’t acknowledge that at the time) but also sometimes there was  only a strong like/ curiosity about the road untraveled.

So in other words, love has always been me but what I didn’t realize until now is that the love I gave wasn’t always reciprocated to the extent that I gave it. However, in the one instance when it was I got terrified. I got terrified at the undeniable truth that this reciprocation could and was actually exactly what I’ve been asking for.

Needless to say, sometimes when love is presented in the strongest and profound way it can be overwhelming. It will be scary but I have refreshing news for you. It’s nothing that you should fear, ever.

God is love and he sent love to us to overcome all the hate, confusion, worry, and doubt that we form in our heads and in turn transfer out to the world.

If God sent it then you best believe you better trust in it because he only wants the best for you. For us.

Nothing in this world will ever matter as much as love.

God is love.

Have a blessed week!


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