Beautifully Misunderstood

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

Beautifully Misunderstood⇑⇒

Don’t you love when you get the questions and comments like:

“She’s so bitter!”

“Chántelle, why are you so angry all the time? What’s wrong with you?”

“You’re too boring.”

“Why are you so extra?”

“You’re grumpy all the time … that’s why!”

Oh and these are my favorite,

“Oh, I see why you are single."

“You are crazy! How do people deal with you?”

The list could literally go on and on of comments from individuals that don’t understand me. We fear what we don’t understand; we belittle it, or we shy away from it. Why is that? Well, my conclusion is that we can’t make sense of “it”. Our mental models can’t relate “it” to what we are already familiar with. Unfortunately, this frightens most people so much that they disregard and continuously block their blessings in life, consciously or unconsciously.

Now, if anyone reading this knows me they know I'm a very sensitive person. However, it's also known, that I will mask my sensitivity all day every day if I have to, to avoid being taken advantage of. And honestly if this was about a year ago all those above comments would have really gotten to me, (THEY STILL MAKE ME LAUGH SARCASTICALLY) but not to the point where I'm so worked up over things/words I can't change.

Fact: Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

Myth: Their opinions shape who I am and what I decide to associate myself with.

"Your world is controlled by YOU and YOU ONLY, every gesture, feeling, reaction, motion, and emotion".

Hence, *daily note to self*, nothing and no one can alter who you truly are! Know yourself, please KNOW YOUR WORTH,  build on your character and ignore the rest! You don't have to deal with people or things that constantly bring you down nor have you in a bad mind set. Burn that bridge! I am a Queen, as well as many other young females maturing into grown woman, are, QUEENS! Settling was never nor will it ever be an option, so be very mindful of that and establish it!

Individuals who think/thought they had/have it figured out, YOU DONT!

(Please humble yourself and become self-aware because you still have so much growing to do).

Those who swear they have me figured out, YOU DON'T. (You know how I'm so confident with that answer, because I don't even have me figured out and I am me!) But there's no rush, (which people fail to realize) I'm still feigning to learn, grow, and explore more and more!

Seeking an answer for everything that occurs in life?  Newsflash, THERE ISN'T ONE! Learn to have faith along with patience, it takes you a long way. Walk with poise and your head held high. Leave everyone who wants to be left behind, behind! You have to honor that wish, trust me, it's in your best interest anyway, you just don't know it yet. There is beauty in not knowing. If you are lucky enough to attract those who genuinely accept you, without understanding you, love them forever! Those right there, those are the keepers (heaven sent), don't let them go!

I keep telling myself "Continue being that person that no one gets, Chántelle". Just because you throw everything off, you're noticed by default (not that I'm the attention seeking type) but it just speaks to how backwards society really is. I'm not fazed by the ignorance and I believe in myself and you should too! Take risks, be spontaneous, and be comfortable being YOU all the time! Because no matter who doesn't understand me, who tries to understand, who thinks they understand or who doesn't try to understand, the bottom line is I will shine! I mean who are we kidding, I am a star, how could I not?

Note: "Understanding is deeper than knowledge. There are many people who know you, but there are very few that understand you".

"Preserve and protect your treasure".

Moving forward, with the next steps in my life which will consist of any and everything that satisfies my happiness, I'm genuinely at peace with myself but most importantly others. Traveling to become bilingual, then on to becoming trilingual in the next 5 years, and launching my business that is dedicated to serving others will definitely satisfy! Being misunderstood is why I can sincerely say,  I have to keep going, focusing on everyone's feedback and proving them wrong!

"I am a conqueror, I do not accept defeat"!

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