Lost In Translation

Translation: the process of moving something from one place to another.

Can you recall the last time someone told you no? Or better yet, how about a time when you confided in someone and they disappointed you?

Let me help you out, maybe it was about a week ago? Month ago? Or if we are all living in the same unfair world, it realistically was more like a minute ago!

Nonetheless, regardless of the reasons why you were rejected and let down, I hope that minor set back did not  influence you to become stagnant.

“Complacency is the equivalent to ones enemy”.

Personally, I am not the type of person that likes to hear the response “no”. However, I am also aware that I will not always hear the answer “yes” and that is quite alright, considering I know how to continuously move forward. I mean, who are we kidding, the world doesn’t revolve around one single person and this is why I can accept “no” but just in a different way.

When I am told “no”, I have learned to simply put this response into one the three categories:

1. Yes, you will get what you want/need just not at the moment.

2. No, because there is something better in store for you.

3. Yes, just be patient.

Most people take “no” for an answer and leave it at that but I constantly remind others that I am not “most people”. I am hungry for the finer things in life and I will attain them.

I truly believe that no one on this earth has the ultimate authority to tell me “no” or that I can not have or attain something because we are all of the same entity. If you are still blessed to be alive up until the second you’re reading this, then you can do and have anything you want.

So, as you can see I am aggressive and not passive. I won’t not take “no” for an answer and I think anyone who is serious about making their mark in life should not either.

Be careful what and who you settle for”.

Be careful about what and who occupies your mind, because your thoughts run your life”.

Being persistent, genuine, passionate, and patient are key (from my experience) tools for everything working out in ones favor.

Have you ever started working so hard on something or invested so much time and energy into someone that you noticed you were losing yourself?

This process where a complete 360 turnaround occurs in your life is called a transformation and translation.  You’re in love with the person you are molding into!

If you have not already, when you do experience this feeling, at a certain point in your life, you will not have the time nor the energy for the following:

  • Meaningless friendships

  • Forced interactions

  • Unnecessary conversations

These distractions that are often disguised as necessities, no longer grow you and quite frankly they never did.

Shape up mentally, physically, and spiritually. It takes energy, mental toughness, and spiritual reinforcement to live your best life.

Again, you will be in the stage of translation. It will feel weird and uncomfortable in the beginning but that is perfect!

“When God wants you to grow, he makes you uncomfortable”.

Suddenly everything will start changing and blossoming within and around her. She is re-entering the game as a completely different person, (please do not speak to her like she is that girl from 4 years ago, she is at a higher place), new mindset, new outlook, and a new soul.

Translation is a marvelous realm to get lost into because there is no fear, no worries, and no uncertainty. It only betters YOU and expands your mind beyond imagination. In many cases it is the stage that has many lost for words but full of bliss.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure”.

Marianne Williamson

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