Let's really talk about it...#blacklivesmatter?

Sitting here watching the news seeing shooting, after shooting, after shooting.

I look around me and think "Why is there so much violence in this world?"

"Why do guns exist?"


"What ever happened to actually fist fighting someone or sword fighting?"

Those were actually very interesting to watch, do you agree? The fight required skill, there was an art to it and at the end of the fight you knew you both put in sufficient amounts of effort to do your best.

BUT anyways, although I really do wish that this post was as simple as saying, "Okay there have been too many shootings lately, so let's all cut down of the usage of guns."

We all know it's not.

This post is to call out people.

It is to talk about the real issue that a good amount of ignorant people in the black community seemingly seem to overlook.

It is to speak on the cherry picking, the selective hearing, the selective rage and concern we have when it comes to the value of black lives.

Let me just start by saying that all lives do matter, no doubt about it. And the black lives matter movement never said that all lives do not matter, that was the media who fed you that garbage.

All lives have always mattered but somewhere along the lines we got confused as to who dictates the value of a life.

We got cocky, greedy, selfish and careless.

We started to think that we actually had the power to take away a life that we did not give, and that is wrong.

The fact that life in itself is a supernatural gift, means that taking away a life is a lot more complicated then we try to make it seem.

When you kill one person someone feels that pain.

Someone feels that hurt and that translates into anger which is directed towards whomever that damaged soul feels is responsible.

However, what we don't get is that when we kill someone, a little piece inside of each person on this earth dies too.

Whether we know it or not that's just what happens.

Black lives, Purple Lives, Native American lives, Indian Lives, White lives, Spanish lives and in a nutshell again ALL lives matter because they depend on one another. But, when we start to march the streets and boycott businesses and go up in a complete uproar in the name of #blacklivesmatter only when the murders are white on black, what is that message really saying?

Why are we not doing this when a black man mercilessly kills another over anything, which happens daily?

Police brutality is a real issue but let's be real all cops are not corrupt nor crooked. Killing cops just because they are cops is not the answer and it is more unnecessary bloodshed. My heart yearns for the families who have lost members to crooked cops and to families of cops who did their job honestly but were victims to mislead anger of the public.

We have to do better.

We also have to remember and recognize that this violence is not new but these cameras are!

This distasteful mess has been happening for over 400 years. No it is not right and yes white on black crimes should be terminated but let's fix the issue within ourselves before we start outsourcing. Let me tell you when black lives stopped mattering, when we started to brutally kill one another like we were disposable forgetting who we are.

Think about it.

If this mentality that black people have of themselves to hate one another was instilled during the days of slavery how long do you think we have really been against one another?

Racist white people/cops,  who hate black people just because of the color of their skin are sitting back watching the words of Willie Lynch unfold vividly each time we fall into the trap that society has created to imprison the black man. When we become so confused, lost, betrayed, and fed up with all the turmoil in our world that we take it out on our own people and ourselves. Do you not see that we are doing the work for them when we have our enemies in the wrong place and are mentally and emotionally disheveled?

It really is plain as day.

Why do you think the white man is so intimidated by the black man?

We are the earth's core. People of color are what makes this universe go around. We literally have the potential to rule this world and that right their is terrifying to them.

Do you not know that before we as a people were enslaved that we were Kings and Queens of this earth? That is our true value, that is how rich we are in everything that we are, and that's why the system is designed for us to fail because if it wasn't we would be at the top, passing with flying colors.

What troubles me is that a lot of white people no more about black people then we know about ourselves and they hold onto that knowledge knowing that they are doing everything in their power to keep us from surpassing them.

Now, again this is not for every white person nor is it for every black person.

However, if you read this and you feel bothered, well, then you just found out something about yourself you've been sleeping on for quite sometime now. Yet you also have the power to fix that, so do it.

Educate yourselves and the people around you every single chance you get because that is the only way.

I think black lives matter is a great movement, I just want it to actually bring back the love and displacement of appreciation we have had for ourselves for so long. Stand for what really matters as well as what is unjust in every aspect.

For everyone in the world who knows what is what and has a clear mind, ask yourself every morning these two questions and challenge yourself to be better:

Do I  know how powerful I am?

Do I really want to know?

-Sincerely Telley

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