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I am Chántelle Agbro, an open-minded and ambitious young woman with so much love to give! This year I will be 20, and I felt the need to share my experience with the world about the great things that are going to unravel in my life and hopefully inspire others (because it would be selfish to keep all this motivation to myself). I am going to give you a huge insight into the beautiful complexity of my mind and who I am as a person. Welp, the time has come and this will be fun; I hope you’re ready! 

Copyright © 2016

Copyright © 2016

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Recently, I had a family outing at the movies with my mother and my sisters. It was very comforting, as it always is for me when I am surrounded by my loved ones enjoying one another's laughter. They


Your scent, your touch, your smile and your gaze; replays in my mind like Christmas carols during the holidays. But you don't care... You picked up and left as IF a piece of my heart you never shared.

God has the FINAL say!

Today was one of those days where I wasn't necessarily questioning the order of events in life but just concerned on the pace things were moving. You know the feeling where you just feel really dull b

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