Identify The Essential x Eliminate the Rest

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

Identify the essential. × Eliminate the rest.

I am coming for everything that they said I couldn't have.

The same importance that one has for their internal bodily functions to work each day, is the same importance one should have with time, as well as with every person, every feeling, and every vibe that they come into contact with, let alone put effort into.

Generally speaking, the prominence of the inevitabilities such as, waking up in the morning, inhaling and exhaling daily, moving each muscle in your body and blinking are essential to your existence.

"Whoever brings you the most peace, should get the most time".

It's that simple.

How many people, currently, can honestly say that every person in their life, you give your time to and put your effort into, are essential to you?

Don't worry, take your time, I will wait, because I'm pretty sure many of you are thinking of names of individuals that you KNOW have no significance to your life whatsoever or not enough to even be counted, at least but you will still try to think of a reason or justification, as to why you can't cut them off for whatever reason.

At the end of the day that's your business but in reality, THERE ISN'T A JUSTIFICATION!

Don't be fraudulent with yourself, but true, rather because you're only hindering/harming yourself, if you are.

Become fearless, hungry, and unstoppable for what you desire.

Your entire paradigm must shift!

If everyone you claim is so "close" to you, were truly vital to your growth as a person, then you wouldn't have to think twice.

Now, when I say essential I don't necessarily mean you have to be physically getting something from someone, but, perhaps gaining mental sustenance, which is even more valuable.

The people you give the time of day, the people that you consider to be in your inner circle and the energies that you tend to attract, all should benefit you and make you feel complete in ways you could never imagine.

I know for a fact that at this point in my life, I wouldn't want to have an encounter with anyone whom I don't imprint on positively.

Life is very simple, but we human beings insist on making it complicated. Now, I'm definitely not saying that I'm simple, but life solely is!

*sim·plic·i·ty* : the condition or quality of being easy to understand.

There is beauty in this word that's unfortunately often overlooked by many. It is beautiful, in that it pin points every problem, nothing is left up in the air and/or questionable and it gives a clear understanding of any and everything.

But most importantly, it identifies all the essentials disregarding the rest.

Anything or anyone that isn't essential can be categorized as a distraction and irrelevant by default. It's just that simple.

For instance,

-If you love something or someone, don't waste time, make sure you don't live without it/him/or her.

-If you want to be fit, eat healthy and go to the gym.

-If you dislike someone, keep your distance.

-If you aren't sure about a decision or a strategy, you have two choices: either continue to keep your distance. Or Sleep on it, meditate on it, and pray on it. However, simultaneously you should not lose sight of the fact that everything is temporary! Whether your decision has a negative or positive outcome it's all a learning experience.

There will never be a "right time", so if changes need to be made, make them!

No one was made up of the same body chemistries as you nor with identical life experiences as you, and there are 7 billion people on this earth, so own YOU!

Always remember that someone always needs what another person possesses, whether it be so as simple as a smile, your love, your words, your encouragement, or your presence.

"Everything changes when you start to emit your own frequency, rather than absorbing the frequencies around you, when you imprint your intent on the universe rather than receiving an imprint from existence". 

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