Recently, I had a family outing at the movies with my mother and my sisters.

It was very comforting, as it always is for me when I am surrounded by my loved ones enjoying one another's laughter.

They are my Fence.

Ironically, the movie that we went to go see together was entitled: Fences, as well. It was a phenomenal movie, with educational and detailed dynamics of African culture and their way of life in America.

If you have not heard of it already, it's a Denzel Washington production.

Now, that name alone carries much weight and stands tall for multiple reasons but for time's sake we'll just stick to the basics on how he brought this play to life.

Throughout the movie, which was again based on a play, my eyes and mind were continuously opened with the emphasis on the struggle but simultaneous pure joy in being black.

Although this post isn't intended to be a talk of race, with everything going on in the government and just the world in general today, race never really is off subject in any topic now is it?

Yes, I agree, it is quite sad but at this point I want to talk about it and not just the surface of a potential problem but I love getting down to the root because that is how an issue is actually solved.

With that said, it is imperative to know that way back when, we seemingly had much, much, much less than we do now. But to be honest we are still in the exact same spot as a culture the only difference is instead of the Fence for pro-black just being made of black people, the issue has now become interracial and it is not black and white.

People, humans in general are standing up for what is right, period.

Even though there is still much more work to be done in sectors such as, functional families that weren't and still aren't prominent in the African and Latino communities in any way shape or form are detrimental.

The broken and complacent mentality that we had/have as a people is like a contagious and cancerous tumor that gets passed down from generation to generation.

To connect the two ideas, the entire back story behind the title: Fences , in the movie and this post is that Fences are built for two reasons:

  • To keep people out who mean you harm.

  • To protect the people inside, enclosing them in tighter.

Whichever, the reason or if it is both, it is very imperative that I highlight that because Fences have only two purposes the odds are some will be left on the outside and others will remain on the inside.

Depending on the motives, energy, and vibes of the people on either side and your personal energy and vibes, determines the mental, physical and emotional space you will be left in, so attract wisely.

And keep the ones close to you, closer to you.

What side of the Fence are you on?

And what is your purpose in building your Fence in the first place?  

Who/What will you let your Fence down for, if anyone/thing?

I want to know ...

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