Everything heals...

Everything heals. Your mind heals. Your body heals. You spirit heals. Your heart heals. Your wounds heal. Your soul repairs itself.

You won't be in the dark forever.

They say time heals all and although it feels like that's a lie,  it truthfully isn't.

Time definitely does heal all but only if you let it. You have to first come face to face with whatever you have hidden and masked for so long.

Confront that pain. Feel everything you're supposed to feel and let the healing began.

"Weeping may come for a night but joy comes in the morning."

Everything and everyone will reap what they sow in due season. Your happiness will come back, trust me.

The unknown feeling of just indescribable peace with all aspects of your life will hover over you soon. Keeping you grounded in the promise of GOD for your life.

That happiness you thought you lost so long ago, that you thought you wouldn't even recognize now, is awaiting your arrival.

Yea that happiness is on its way, so prepare! ~ Love Telley

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