"Isn't it such a boundless feeling to be certain that you are true and genuine in every move that you make; So much so, that anything outside of that realm of pureness can't even touch you?"

-Chántelle Agbro

Untouchable, unbothered & poised, at its FINEST, defines me in this stage.

"If you real, you'd recognize."

-August Alsina

I'm not saying this in a cocky way so please don't take it that way. But please understand that when you have become so humble, worked so hard to do the right things and have dealt with people's crap and disrespect for such a long time it's only right to:

  1. Thank GOD you made it!

  2. Acknowledge your progress and take a reasonable amount of pride in it in other words, reward yourself!  :)

Question: Reward yourself for what?

Answer: For not losing your mind, when you could've/should've/would've a longggggggggggg time ago!

"Practice reckless faith with shameless audacity."

"It's not about how hard you get hit. It's about how hard you can get hit, and still keep moving forward."

It's amazing, how one day you can be on the verge of losing your life, (and I mean in the case that it literally flashes before your eyes), but the next day you're here to tell the story about how chaos didn't kill you, but it enhanced you. Not everyone can say that, so remember that when you are so hard on yourself my loves.

"If everything is dipped in gold then baby it will never grow. Everything sweet ain't sugar coated."

-Jhene Aiko

Note: If you can embrace change, then consider yourself emotionally intelligent.

If you didn't know already, I attend Temple University with a double major in Entrepreneurship and Spanish. I am finally going abroad next semester for roughly 5 months. I'm going to Ecuador, Uruguay, Argentina, and Chile! The entire South America isn't ready for me, as you all can imagine!

Anyways, I mentioned this because I don't just have a dream but rather a plan that's in execution mode.

Remember: A goal without a plan is just a dream.

CHAOS: There are too many magnificent dreams floating around in this world, that people don't act on. This could be either because they have all the tools but are too lazy to apply them, (because for some odd reason this generation thinks they're owed something when in reality they're not) or they aren't given the same resources and opportunities that other kids are handed, in order to excel, putting all their bright thoughts and ideas forth.

It's a terrible reality, but nothing that cannot be altered with persistence and unity.

I don't even want to get started on the topics that describe why America is so screwed up. So please, don't get me talking about this broken system that we have nor racism nor colorism nor the unjust "justice system" because we will really be here all night.

So anyways,

CHAOS: I look around my campus all the time and see people going through the motions. A lot of the times I sit back and say: "Majority of you all  do not really want what I want in life, you don't want to put in that work, you aren't willing to starve in order to make your mark in life, and you definitely don't want it as bad as I do."

I honestly wonder what people are thinking, when they are 25 years old already graduated from Temple, with a child, doing nothing with the degree they just wasted time and money for and have the nerve to ask a current student about "Where the parties at".

No, the question is: Where are your priorities?

Honestly, I'm dying to know, why do you snapchat your every move?

No one cares that much boo, I promise.

Come on now, everyone knows when you're really moving it's done in silence, so say less.

Like seriously?  Go find some business and be on your way!

CHAOS: There a lot of people also just wanting to be around you because they see your treasure and your drive to become greater so they stick around with intentions of using you. People are just trying to come up off of the next person.

My thoughts: WEAK!

 No one wants it for the next person, let alone themselves nowadays. The envy and greed is ridiculous.


  • The mixy behavior/crowds has to stop someday.

  • The girls/guys you're always around have to get old at some point.

  • You can't keep doing the same lame things, with the same lame people.

  • You can't keep faking and playing games for no reason.

The chaos/madness has to end eventually.

Don't you ever want to be fruitful, at all?

You have to elevate! 

BTW: In my blogs, if it ever seems like I'm repeating myself, as far as little concepts, it's because you still are not getting it!

The old saying my father used to tell me and I'm sure many are familiar with is: "There is a time and place for everything".

So make sure you know when your time is up for certain people, events, and situations, because if not by your own knowledge, time will definitely do the honors of reminding you.

"Thank me later, thanks for nothin', thanks for bluffin

thank you so, so much for wearin' your true colors."

- Drake

Because it made my life a lot easier. I can't respect it. I can smell leaches from a mile away so don't try it.

"The thing about chaos, is that while it disturbs us, it too, forces our hearts to roar in a way we secretly find magnificent."

-Christopher Poindexter

 Copyright © 2016

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