Be Great.

“Don’t believe what they say, just believe what they do to you.”

Have you ever been in a situation where you started to notice that you took life and its experiences much more seriously then the people who were always around you?

Things were shifting and you suddenly had no common ground.

Were you slowly beginning to discover and test your talents, just to find that YOU were succeeding about 95% of the time but simultaneously leaving people behind?

Anyone that can’t get right, gets left. It’s just that simple.

You’re actualizing greatness, embrace it!

Soon after this realization occurred, surprisingly, slick and “unintentional” comments start to be made regarding the moves you’re making in your life, with intentions to shake and belittle you.

Everyone is given opportunities and choices in life, it is simply what you decide to do with them that makes the difference.

Let me ask you this, depending on who these individuals are, were you even shocked at their response to your success?

If so, you should not have been, because remember there’s no code in ethics, anyone will take shots at you.

“Sometimes people try to destroy you, precisely because they recognize your power– not because they do not see it, but because they see it and they do not want it to exist”. – Bell Hooks

It is part of life, to accept, that no matter how much you may want some people to be on your level, not everyone will be, nor does everyone deserve a place in your space.

As much as you want to lift people up with you, who started on track and had life goals but couldn’t seem to execute them making it a reality, you can not.

Value your time, do not waste it because you do not know how much you are given.

To be great you must be willing to be mocked, hated, and misunderstood; which isn’t terrible because “hate talk” is still talk at the end of the day. Majority of the time, they just want your spotlight but don’t deserve it and it’s your time to show them why you do.

You’re a work of art. Not everyone will understand you but the ones who do will never forget about you. (Or in my case regardless if they end up understanding or not you will always be memorable). 

Be great, feel great, and act great; while concurrently being humble enough to know that you are not necessarily better than any one person but rather different from the rest.

This is called: Confidence not Cockiness.

Learn the distinction between the two, please!

No one knows you better than you do, so reach for the sky. Experiencing a limitless and unfathomable existence comes with a price but that price is only to better you! It’s okay to be a little selfish now to help others in the long run, do not feel guilty.

You would be doing do a disservice to your creator by playing yourself small in order to make others comfortable about your existence. Say it with me, “I intend to live fully as the person HE created me to be.”

Stay motivated, stay positive, stay pure, and stay true to yourself!

My fashion endeavors are great in its’ baby stages currently and will be great when everything is international. My intentions are not only  to make sure you feel good on the outside but most importantly on the inside. This is where real beauty lies. Let’s all pamper our outer and inner beings people!

“Once you truly experience a spiritual bond that transcends physically, you will always consciously or unconsciously seek bonds that are able to pierce into the deepest layers of your soul, and anything less just feels so frivolous”.

Be Great!

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