Are you as grateful as you portray?

Today, I started my first spanish class in Cuenca, Ecuador. It was so refreshing and relaxing that I couldn't help but think about how life would be if I actually lived here for good. I instantly got this impeccable feeling about how good it feels becoming one with nature and with human nature.  It's irreplaceable, like no other. South America is a joy. It is beautiful and unique in every way, which was more than obvious as soon as I set foot off of the plane.

It's already day 6 and I'm cherishing each moment here as if I leave tomorrow because I know time's significance in my growth. Each day is a gift so treat it like it's golden.

It's all coming together.

(Esto pasará tambien.)

Being in Ecuador for some time now, has taught me a lot already.

First thing: Altitude makes a big difference!

OMG, let me tell y'all something, now I know that I haven't been working out in the states like I should've, but honestly I think even if I did, this altitude would still be a rude awakening. I literally could walk up one flight of stairs and then be out of breath and dehydrated before I reach the top. lol

It's definitely something to get accustomed to.

In addition, my home here with my host family is very embracive. Cuencanos are very dependent on one another and have a hard time breaking from the learned culture.However, they show pride for being as calm as a people they are.

As I observe every little thing that I've come across, the biggest thing I've realized is how well we have it in America.

We have it soooooooooooooooooo good.

We get things when we want, how we want it, who we want it with and so on and so forth. Just options on top of options are presented, and we don't even realize it or we take it for granted or both. It's crazy.

The fact that the opportunity for someone to be broke and homeless one day to then being a millionaire the next day, isn't likely to happen in any other country but America says a lot!

I understand so much more and I've become a lot more aware and humble to the things I even THINK about complaining over, because nine times out of ten it's not worth it. It's usually never a matter of life or death like some people I see are dealing with daily.

Mind you: You are your thoughts.

I'm grateful for what I'm experiencing, so much so, that  you wouldn't even comprehend without your personal exposure and experiences. The moments I've captured on camera and the stories I have to tell, could never justify the actual richness of the things I've seen. While you scroll through this post please think about how grateful you really are in comparison to how much you express it.

The little things matter most.

With that being said you know I promised you all some  unseen pictures of this pretty city, so here they go, enjoy!

Stay humbled.

Bless Up.

Pray Up.

Until next time!

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