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I'm not everyone's cup of tea, but that's the great part; I don't have to be.

-Brandi Glanville-

I am NOT for everyone and you are NOT for everyone. Let's just all thank GOD right now that we are not, because that was done intentionally.

I am an artist who is constantly misinterpreted, underestimated, and counted out. 

Who are you?

The artistic mind is one of rich complexity and it is through this that I realized I'm literally on my own little planet. 

I'm on my own wave and I love it!

The artistic mind is one of rich complexity, that is naturally recognized by correlative artistic minds .

In other words, if you don't get it, you don't get it. 

When people do not see what you see they tend to use that as a pass to quickly categorize you as "other", "weird", "nerdy", or an "outcast".

What is the definition of weird? Someone tell me, right now. I bet if I asked 10 different people I would get 10 different answers. You know why?  Because being the "odd ball" is all in perspective. 

We are all on our own waves.

What one person might find out of the ordinary, could be the complete opposite of what the next person thinks. DUHHHHHHH!

Stop being narrow minded like your S**T doesn't stink, and like you're everyone's type of person, because you are not.

Speaking of outcasts, I'm not going to get deep into the particulars of the ignorance and disrespect that has been happening in anticipation of this presidential election but let me just say this:

All of those people who are at the Trump rallies sitting there screaming "White Power", "White is better", "Make America white again".

You are so so so sad.

I am so sick of hearing all the comments, statements, feedback everyone has about this because it just shows how we have not progressed as far as we thought we have as a nation. 

QTNA: Why have you successfully made it to the year of 2016 with the narrow, racist, hateful, and unknowledgeable mindset of the early- mid 1900's?

Please let me know!

I'll wait...

Oh, ok. 

See here's the thing,

  1. You do not even know why you hate. (You have no valid or truthful reason)

  2. On top of that, you took the time and energy to actually hate (because hate is not the primary emotion of the human, but love is).

  3. Because the majority of people (this goes for every race) do not understand and will never understand or educate themselves on the pain and struggles of any race or type of people that have been oppressed in history you have done the future a huge disservice. You've set limits on an entire generation that doesn't even exist yet.

How does that make you feel?

My thoughts: MEDIOCRE!

do better. 

It really bothers me to my soul, that so many people do not care. They just don't care. They don't feel. It's like they are robotic. They are just are so content with going with the flow.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying always be serious and uptight. But you should question things sometimes, not necessarily doubtfully but curiously. Make sure people know that you are an individual and you have opinions that should be taken into account and you won't always just do something because that's what the majority are into or are doing. 

Create your own wave. Be your own wave.

The process in which you go through to find out that you are not for everyone is essential, in being on your own wave!

"The fact that you are not for everyone, re-enforces the need for individuality. It is only from there will you find people who genuinely vibe with your wave through connections you didn't even know were possible."

 -Chántelle Agbro

Another thing that irritates my soul, is the fact that especially in the black community, people have been brainwashed so bad to the point that we THINK ignorance is apart of our culture, when it never has been.

Ignorance is not cool nor should it be praised. 

Note: There is a difference between genuinely not knowing and being open to learning and just not knowing, not caring to know, and to think that the ignorance of whatever is actually true. While, both of these are still defined as ignorance I'm clearly talking about the second one. 

That kind of ignorance is demeaning to our ancestors.

We clown the fact that people are being educated and people don't wear name brands but choose to save so they can invest ...

How ass backwards is that?

You should be greatly disturbed as well as I am about the fact that kids go to school and are bullied because of the kind of clothes they wear ...



In some countries people don't even have clothes ...

I'm literally in tears right now because when are we going to wake up, it's utterly disgusting. 

Your child has every pair of Jordans but doesn't even know their abc's.

News Flash: I don't care who you are, what you come from, who you come from, who you know, or what you know, in this world you are not owed one thing. You work hard for everything! I do not care who spoon feeds you or fills your head with a bunch of BS in your household but in the real world you will get your ass handed to you. 

It's that simple, so wake up.

Each and every person is on their own wave. On their own mission, their own destiny. Everyone is at their own pace and goes to a place sometimes where they are only understood by themselves and that's perfect.

When you have that profound insight and awareness of every nook and cranny of yourself, your wave will never stop flowing, ever.

I want anyone who has ever felt or feels like they are/were put to the side or on the back burner to some people for whatever reason to know this: What is coming your way is impeccable and it is just for you, because this wait and test is such a tough one that it almost seems abnormally prolonged. That constant worry and uncertainty you have now has to and will pay off!

Major key: Stay on your wave, you're indestructible that way. 

No matter who rejects you, puts you down, discredits you, or overlooks you, those ripples that are made up of everything you are, will never cease to transform into forceful waves each and every time. 

-Chántelle Agbro

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